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wehrwolf (hyena)
25 January 2015 @ 01:31 pm
Wow it's been a while since I posted here. So much change.. And looking back at what I posted really makes me realize just how much I have grown up. So much whining! LOL

Es ist eine weile seit ich hier geschrieben hat. So anders jetzt.. Und als ich ruckschaue, sehe ich wie viel großer bin ich. So viel habe ich gewimmert! LOL

Ничего себе , это быловремя, так как я отправил здесь. Так много изменений .. И , оглядываясь на то, что я отвечал действительно делает меня понять, насколько я вырос. Так много ныть ! ЛОЛ
wehrwolf (hyena)
21 July 2011 @ 06:58 pm
Dear god I hate my job.. and my life.... *cries* College was such a serious waste of money and time!
wehrwolf (hyena)
12 May 2011 @ 09:16 pm
So I just started applying to jobs hard core last night (at around 2 to 3 in the morning) I didn't expect to hear anything back for a while, if at all. Much to my surprise, however, all but one of them got back to me today to schedule interviews! Maybe the economy is improving? Granted they aren't high end jobs by any means.. Carpet cleaning, Janitorial and apartment caretaker positions, but I'll take what I can get. I still have no clue what I want to do as a career..
wehrwolf (hyena)
02 May 2011 @ 10:27 pm
wehrwolf (hyena)
08 April 2011 @ 02:53 pm
This has been an ongoing question for me but now I think I can now at least partially answer it in retrospect.

Question: After an extended 5 years in college and over $50,000 of my parent’s money what have I gained?

I suppose I have learned to function in society, get along with other people, Minneapolis/St. Paul public transit has become second nature to me. I have become comfortable with paperwork, with making phone calls to strangers, dealing with bureaucracy, dealing with people and I have a very in depth knowledge of something very specific and useless. That’s not everything but it’s all I can think of now in my scatterbrained state.

I leave the University of Minnesota with a great deal of melancholy. I leave knowing that I, in essence, failed what I set out to accomplish. Not only that but I also failed my plan B and had to go on to a plan C, which I am really only minimally qualified for even with a degree. Granted it was the one subject in College that I enjoyed, or rather, didn’t feel I was killing myself to get passing grades in.

Oh.. I did gain some real job experience… Janitorial experience. Woo hoo right? Yeah.. Sadly that’s all I feel I can really relate to the real world.

Ugh writing this is too depressing I think I’m going to stop there.
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wehrwolf (hyena)
17 March 2011 @ 03:44 pm

East German Honor Guard Regiment (Wachregiment Freidrich Engels) changing of the guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in East Berlin (late 1980's).
wehrwolf (hyena)
28 February 2011 @ 04:25 pm
Well it's been like, I dunno, several years since I last posted here..? A lot has changed, including, to a large extent, an increased freedom from the shackles of the internet! I wouldn't be surprised if I go another year without a post. But I think I'll try to keep up.. This venue at least serves as a journal of sorts for me to sort my thoughts out. Anyway.. I have a girlfriend now. We met at AC over the summer and now she's moved here to Minnesota. That has been the most life changing by far. I would say I am, on the whole, happier now, but with much less spare time, which I am hoping will remedy it's self once I graduate in May. That's all for now.
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wehrwolf (hyena)
20 June 2010 @ 01:22 pm
The latest addition to my list of impressions:

WWII soviet for those who can't tell. And I know the belt is wrong.
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wehrwolf (hyena)
31 May 2010 @ 06:08 pm
Just downloaded this posting client for windows. I had one when I had a mac and when all of those died and I got the IBM I just never looked for one. Well now I have one... anyway I just want to see of this works. This is an LJ cut.Collapse )
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wehrwolf (hyena)
27 May 2010 @ 10:48 pm
You know it's been a long week when you get home from work, flop on your bed without removing a single piece of clothing and immediately fall fast asleep for several hours. x.x It needs to be Friday...
Current Mood: tiredtired