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wehrwolf2's Journal

wehrwolf (hyena)
I'm a poor college student in Minnesota, USA. I go to the University of Minnesota and after several years spinning my wheels have finally wound up majoring in German Linguistics and Culture with a minor in Architecture. I've been a "furry" for a while now which I discovered through the magic of the Internet. This revelation happens to be responsible for a good number of my friends and the existence of this live journal account. I love to tinker with mechanical things like old cars, particularly British ones. Perhaps my strangest quirk, besides that which I prefer not to mention in a public profile, is that I have an acute obsession with the former East Germany (DDR) for some reason and waste my money collecting East German Military garb. My ultimate goal was to start a Living history group portraying the East German Army however that never took off and now I've joined the 2nd SS Das Reich WWII reenactment unit here in Minnesota (see waffenssmn link).
I do consider myself to be an atheist, however I like to think that we repeat life, as other animals, through reincarnation (not a Buddhist, I just like the idea). I'm usually a rather quiet shy person until I get to know someone, then they can't get me to shut up. I'm kind of clumsy in social situations, can never remember peoples names and I am usually oblivious to most social cues. Anyway, feel free to drop me a line if I haven't already frightened you off.


My Furaffinity userpage.

2nd Waffen SS Das Reich Minnesota.

Favorite Quotes:

"Ich möchte... Nein. Ich muss seine Whore kaufen!" -Armin Müller-Stahl "Lola"

"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." -A lot of people.

"You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" -Michael Cane "The Italian Job"

Best film ever!

Fairy Kougra! Rar! (inside joke)

Terror Alert Level